Reimagine the parent-child relationship

Using science to prioritize social and emotional development

Raising Children to Thrive

In this world of information overload and constant distraction, parents are experiencing an urgent need for best practice models on how to raise their children based on the cutting-edge science of child development. New research shows that infants possess considerable social and emotional capacity to engage their parents in ways that run far deeper than ever before realized.

Throughout Dr. Ron Ruff’s nearly fifty years of clinical practice as a psychologist, he encountered thousands of parents with only good intentions to help their children. Unfortunately, many did not know where to turn for information, support, and answers related to raising their children in a psychologically healthy manner.

Responsive, sensitive parenting is more than just a childcare model—it is a new paradigm for parents who are ready to reimagine the nature of the parent-infant relationship, significantly boost their children’s social and emotional development, and raise their children to thrive.

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Having known Dr. Ruff for more than 40 years, I would say that this is his best work. He combines examples from his own psychological experiences and findings from well-known psychologists and neuroscientists. The content of the book covers a wide range of topics such as child conscience, empathy, and sensitivity. Also, tips on raising children and dealing with difficult adults. He includes some of his personal stories as a clinical psychologist including stories such as a time that a client came in to see him and put a gun right next to him. He also draws from research literature on infants and adults.

Try this book—it will be far worth the time!

Gale H. Roid, PhD

Retired Director of the Doctoral Program, SMU School of Education, Dallas, TX. And author Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, 5th and forthcoming 6th Edition​

Responsive sensitive parenting to raise emotionally healthy children

‘Raising Children to Thrive’ aims to ease parents’ frustrations and guide them on their journey.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about the book’s content, target audience, and real-life applications.

What is the book about?

The book is a groundbreaking work that explores the new science of child development. It emphasizes the importance of social interaction, emotional responsivity, and communication in infants. It offers cutting-edge scientific discoveries and practical advice for raising happy, well-adjusted children.

Who is it for?

This book is targeted towards parents and caregivers who want to raise socially and emotionally happy children. It provides the newest science and best practice models for child development.

How can it be applied?

The book offers practical guidance on how to apply the principles of child development in real-life scenarios. It provides strategies and insights for fostering empathy, self-fulfillment, and healthy social and emotional development.

What makes it unique?

This book stands out for its synthesis of scientific research, clinical experiences, and empirical data. It emphasizes the concept of affect hunger within healthy social and emotional development. It takes a holistic approach and presents the infant self born in intersubjectivity.

Still have questions?

If you have any more questions about the book, feel free to reach out Dr. Ruff.

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